NCAA Eligibility

All student athletics must provide high school transcripts, SAT/ACT test scores to see if they meet NCAA criteria to receive an athletic scholarship. Student athletes who have not completed the NCAA clearinghouse will do so at ABI Prep Elite Skills Academy.

We are primarily a post graduate basketball academy, however, Yes, we do take high school prospects and We have a Partnership with a fully Accredited Florida University, for our Post Grad Players(Parents) that desire for their student athlete, to earn, six transferable college hours, during our 7 Month School term. This Academic Component is an Additional Cost and is (Optional). Please Inquire For More Details.
We have a fully engaged advisory program!

ABI Prep Basketball Academy provides a number of academic options to meet each student-athlete‚Äôs individual needs for college preparation and NCAA eligibility.  Based on those needs, ABI will develop an Individual Educational Plan (IEP), which will serve as a blueprint to encourage players to meet their academic goals.  ABI Academy staff will perform weekly individual Academic Meetings with each player, allowing staff to effectively monitor their progress.

"ABI Sports Academy is NOT A SCHOOL!" We are a Sports Academy. A Non Traditional High School. Under Special Circumstances, We Will Accept High School Student Athletes We, New Horizon-New Direction is our Fully Accredited High School is our Partner School. IF You ARE A POST GRAD STUDENT you will not be a full time student which is why INTERNATIONAL PG STUDENTS' come to America on a Visitor's Visa compared to a Student Visa.